About Us

Message from the President and CEO

Our mission is to build a world-class pipeline through which quality products flow efficiently, with the skilled oversight, passion, and energy of our talented and caring team. This pipeline integrates investors, a vast network of manufacturing plants, and our treasured customer partners, into a single harmonized system to deliver optimum efficiency and performance for all to benefit.

We are deeply committed to sustainability, and to be an inspiration to others and the world around us, so that future generations continue to thrive and innovate.

Our Purpose & Passion

We are an award-winning, medical-based global enterprise, that offers an extensive range of disposable head-to-toe personal protective solutions. Tronex International is built upon a progressive, agile, and adaptable business model, that merges the most advanced products in the market, with passionate service and responsive culture.

Tronex maintains a distinct and competitive edge across the manufacturing and global logistics arena. Our vast global supply chain structure delivers superior supply consistency and resiliency, with excellent efficiency through a network of national warehouses and logistics centers, and industry-leading fill rate performance. The market continues to evolve and advance at a furious pace and Tronex is committed to its continued innovation and anticipation in support of long-term performance and success in partnership with our customers.

We are deeply grateful to our customers, global partners, investors, and colleagues, for sharing in this mission and purpose, and for providing the treasured opportunity to serve.

Our Story

Established in 1989 in New Jersey, USA, Tronex has grown exponentially over the last three decades to expertly anticipate market and customer needs.

Tronex first opened its doors by responding to the urgent need for superior-quality disposable protective products during the burgeoning AIDS crisis. Through the current COVID-19 pandemic and the continued unprecedented impact on the PPE industry, both nationally and worldwide, Tronex has remained steadfast in our passion and deep capability to support our customers with quality supply throughout.

Tronex remains one of the most trusted and well-respected leading global brands of disposable Personal Protective Equipment.