Since the inception of Tronex International, Inc., in 1989, Mr. Donald L. Chu, chairman of the company, recognized the invaluable opportunity to give back to and be a positive influence on others. He insisted on dedicated philanthropic efforts in education, clean water, coastal protection, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and community service. Today, as it has throughout its history, Tronex International dedicates resources to the betterment of public welfare and making meaningful improvements to the lives of disadvantaged groups and individuals worldwide.

Hope Education Project

Tronex International provides support to a number of primary schools to improve school study conditions to help ensure safe and modern campus environments.

Food Bank Project

Tronex International regularly donates food as well as disposable gloves and apparel to food bank NGOs to assist in efforts to provide healthier and safer meals to low-income families.

Sunshine Medical Project

Tronex International donates medical-grade disposable gloves and apparel to local and international medical facilities to ensure the safety of medical staff and patients.

Coastal Cleanup Project

Tronex International supplies disposable gloves and apparel to a number of coastal cleanup NGOs to facilitate safer cleaning efforts of endangered coastlines.